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Open Exhibits is a software development kit (SDK) that enables developers to easily produce multimodal HCI applications in ActionScript. Open Exhibits provides an accelerated workflow for rapid prototyping and simplified cross-platform Adobe Air distribution for desktops, mobile devices and kiosks. Support for Gesture Markup Language (GML) and Creative Markup Language (CML) allows for flexible and intuitive authoring.
GestureWorks Flash merged with Open Exhibits as of 3/12/14, to learn more click here.

To learn more about the features that come with Open Exhibits see: Open Exhibits


The Open Exhibits wiki provides resources to assist you in the development process. Our documentation contains frequently asked questions, tutorials, and details on the internal structures of Open Exhibits. In addition to this, you will find detailed explanations of the various tools available in the visualizer mode for multitouch and gesture analysis as well as methods of best practice for cross device multitouch interaction design.


Open Exhibits directly supports Gesture Markup Language (GML). This enables developers to fully describe gesture interactions using XML. Through GML, Open Exhibits provides an open library of over 300 fully described gesture interactions. Gestures can be edited, customized or extended and imported directly into applications made with Open Exhibits. GML provides an easy to use, fully extensible XML framework that gives developers tools to create complex gestures and high-fidelity UX using standardized familiar building blocks.

Open Exhibits also supports Creative Markup Language (CML). Using CML, developers can create and manage rich interactive display objects. The goals of CML are to create reusable and shareable UX models that are programming language-agnostic and to accelerate the development of multiuser, multitouch applications, providing an infrastructure for developing new UX standards.


Open Exhibits has an open forum which is maintained by our support team and active user community. The forum contains answers to many of the advanced questions users may have when working with multitouch gestures including UX design, natural user interface topics, methods of best practice, project development, cross platform deployment and gesture processing techniques.

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