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GestureKey is a Windows-based utility that uses the Gestureworks Core processing engine. This stand-alone utility maps key commands and mouse events to gestures. The utility can make an application (games, utilities, productivity apps) multitouch- and gesture-aware in minutes. This utility is useful for end-users looking to make their apps touch aware on Windows tablets, Ultrabooks, or all-in-ones. It is also useful for software developers to rapidly see how multitouch might work within their applications.

To learn more about the features that come with GestureKey see: GestureKey Features

GestureKey was discontinued as a product as of 3/12/14, to learn more click here.


GestureKey wiki provides resources to help you get started with GestureKey and develop custom Gesture Maps for your favorite applications. Our documentation contains frequently asked questions, detailed tutorials, and an overview of gestures and requirements.


The Gesture Maps library is a repository of Gesture Maps. Gesture Maps are detailed lists of gesture-to-key/mouse command pathways generated by GestureKey and defined in XML. These Gesture Maps can be shared by community members and easily imported directly into GestureKey, instantly providing a new and complete UX for an application.


GestureKey has an open forum which is maintained by our support team and an active user community. The forum contains answers to many of the advanced questions users may have when working with multitouch gestures including UX design, natural user interface topics, methods of best practice and popular gesture mapping techniques.

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