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GestureKey Release Notes

Here you can find the release notes for GestureKey describing notable changes in each version release. The latest version's release notes are always listed at the top of this page.


Release Date: 16 April 2013

New Features

  • Auto Launch: Automatically launch and connect to a target application
    • Connect button is now Launch, with new icons and text for button and menu items.
    • Connect Delay setting specifies time in milliseconds between when the target application is launched and when GestureKey attempts connection. Some applications require a longer delay after launching to accommodate startup time, but the default of 500ms satisfies most scenarios.
    • Connecting to application... wait form displays after clicking Launch until successful connection is made or error condition arises.
  • New Input (command) selections
    • SHIFT - The SHIFT key can now be used as an Input command
    • LEFT/RIGHT/MIDDLE MOUSE RELATIVE Input commands - Relative mouse is intended for cases where the absolute position of the mouse cursor isn't necessary to track, but changes in mouse position are, such as using the mouse to change the camera angle in a 3D application. Many applications rely on changes in mouse movement to inform these actions, and ignore the absolute position, and we have provided relative mouse as an option to accommodate such applications.
  • D-pad simulation - New gesture Directions DpadLeft, DpadRight, DpadUp, DpadDown available for Drag gesture; this enables D-pad functionality when mapped to directional keys such as traditional "WSAD" setup within a game
  • Print Gesture Maps - Print and Print Preview functionality added for printing Gesture Maps


  • Double-clicking on an application listed in Connect to Application dialog immediately initiates connection.
  • Connection errors are now displayed in the status bar, along with error an icon.
  • Drag, Rotate, & Scale configured with the same # Fingers are now marked as conflicted.
  • Gesture Map XML versioning - New versions of GestureKey now automatically update Gesture Maps from older versions of GestureKey to the latest schema version as needed upon load or import.

Bug Fixes

  • [FIXED] Gestures with a SHIFT key modifier would not depress SHIFT reliably on some multitouch hardware in some applications
  • [FIXED] Hitting DEL key to delete all Mapped Gestures after first having activated a Sensitivity cell edit causes exception
  • [FIXED] Attempting Gesture Map export when no Gesture Maps exist may cause exception
  • [FIXED] Tools > Disconnect menu item is disabled when connected to application
  • [FIXED] GestureKey would not properly disconnect from target application if GestureKey was closed prior to disconnecting from target application
  • [FIXED] Minimum # Taps and minimum Sensitivity values are now 1


Release Date 19 FEBRUARY 2013


  • [FIXED] A Mapped Gesture configured with a modifier key + mouse event (e.g. SHIFT + middle mouse button) would not depress modifier key continuously during gesture
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