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Gestures Overview

GestureKey uses a fully configurable gesture analysis engine to recognize gestures as they are performed on the touchscreen. Starting with five fundamental gesture types, GestureKey allows any of the gestures to be modified by the number of touchpoints it requires, the direction of motion, or the number of taps; this results in over 200 possible options. Once a gesture is selected, it can be mapped to any keyboard or mouse event, and can even be adjusted for sensitivity.

There are literally thousands of possible gesture mapping combinations leading to some highly customized Gesture Maps. Since users can create different Gesture Maps for each application, unique interaction experiences can be crafted from one application to another.

Powered by Gestureworks Core

GestureKey is an extremely versatile utility that generates high-fidelity interactions in minutes. This flexibility comes from the fact that GestureKey has been developed with the Gestureworks Core gesture analysis engine inside. Gesture selection and transformation in the GestureKey GUI configures GML behind the scenes then saves shareable files in the form of Gesture Maps.

To learn more about Gestureworks Core, please see Gestureworks Core

Gesture Maps

Gesture Maps are human readable, XML-based application specific files that describe which specific gestures point to which key or mouse events. Each Gesture Map is fully editable, extensible, and allows users to share their favorite UX or transfer from one device to another.

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